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Outside magazine is a juggernaut in the world of active lifestyle publications. Now they have a website to ensure it stays that way.

Outside Magazine desktop and mobile home page

Project Details

Outside Magazine was seeking to redesign their older fixed width site without a mobile presence into a responsive, mobile first site. Together with Ben Voran (developer) and Todd Hodgson (Site Director), we assessed the various content types throughout the site and sought out those that performed the best among users to determine the redesign priorities. We began the redesign with the most trafficked content type for the site (articles) and rolled out each content type thereafter iteratively as they were created. Therefore the site was never “down” at any point, nor “released” at one time. Rather, it was gradually transformed while live and users had continuous access.

We played an integral part in building the theme for a CMS replatforming from the client’s legacy CMS to Drupal. Currently, we work to exceed expectations with this client as we roll out new features, templates, and products.

Outside Longform Article UI

Southleft was instrumental in helping us improve our user experience while simultaneously increasing traffic and revenue.

— Todd Hodgson, Director of Product Management

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