Services and capabilities

Your friendly front-end experts.

What Southleft Does

Design with a developer’s eye …

… according to your aesthetic. One unique advantage of Southleft’s design team is that all of our designers are also developers. Designing with a developer’s eye hastens our pace and makes your  site built right the first time.

Provide clean, web-standardized coding …

… to ensure that sites are lightweight, fast, scalable, SEO-ready, and compatible with accessibility services and devices (such as screen readers).

Develop using Atomic Design principles …

… in which components, rather than pages, are the focus, creating sites and apps that are far more efficient, versatile, powerful, and editor-friendly. We’ll build a component library for you and work alongside your development team to code and coach on the development of a design system or application.

Meet with you weekly …

… for 30 minutes to keep you informed, discuss progress, clarify any issues, and demo development, while also being available at any other time for additional meetings, and communicating regularly in our shared group Slack channel, providing you direct access not only to our project managers but to the developers actively working on your site.

Test the development rigorously …

… before passing it on to you. We ensure quality across the most popular browsers and operating systems, including both mobile devices and desktop/laptop computers, testing for functionality, appearance, and performance. We make sure the new code does what it should, does it quickly, and looks good doing it.

Collaborate with you on quality assurance …

… giving you access to the staging site and our ticketing system to ensure that all development meets your standards.

Deliver concise training & documentation …

… to your staff, including one-on-one sessions, easy-to-read guides, and an online repository of video training.

Offer continued support and maintenance …

… to ensure that your digital presence remains top-notch even after project completion. From bug fixes to software updates, we’ll be there to keep everything running smoothly and efficiently.

Technologies We Use

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